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I’m  thinking about making an article directory on a great niche – that is why I’ve searched and tested many websites published on this blog – but I don’t want to create a usual one as there are so many. I want to combine a articles with video possibilities, because I think,  it should be more reader and author friendly. I mean, it is easier to share and get info if we combine them.

I found a great FREE extension for Plone content management system which is optimal  to create this kind of video article directory or a video sharing site.

First about Plone

Plone is a free content management system having the usual options for the administrator to manage the site. there are many features, extensions and very flexible. I found a lot of positive comments about this open source project. So this is the base of our video article directory.

About Plumi the video sharing software

Now, let’s see this software which changes our Plone CMS into a video sharing content management system. Plumi based on Plone – as I mentioned – and extend the possibilities of it. Users can share videos plus add description to the posts and give other options , too.

Why I think this piece of software can be optimal to start this project?

How to Build Article Video Directory

There is a place for the description of the video, we can use it for publishing the article. So at the top of the video article page we can find the video itself, plus the place for keywords, categories and genre. And the article takes place under the video.

I know there are many video sharing scripts on the market, but it took my attention. Of course, many changes and tweaks are needed, but I think this software can give a good base for this new type video and article directory.

I’m certain, if we choose a good niche for our video&article website, it can be a great success. I suppose, a good niche can be traveling etc.

Check out the demo site here:

Price: Free – Opensource


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    We offer a free content management system that can help you with your website for those that need it. this is great information here and I really appreciate you sharing it.