Automatic Mp3 Search Engine script

This special mp3 search engine script can be a good solution for making a music website where visitors can search and download audio files easily and fast. It automatically searches on the largest mp3 searching sites and index the downloads.The advantage of this method is that it only saves the download links, therefore no files will be stored on your server.

there is no question that, MP3 search sites are very popular nowadays and they are the mostly visited websites on the net. After good promotion, you will have a website with large number of visitors which offers many possibilities for monetization. This MP3 search engine script has many features for monetization as well, for example you can use PPC ads or even CPAlead.

Advantages of X10 Mp3 Search Engine Script

  •     It is totally SEO optimized (For example, the generated links contains the searched keyword)
  •     Automatic updating of mp3s
  •     Lyrics search and video search, too.
  •     Easy administration: language changing, stats, template change etc.
  •     It allows users to add comments.
  •     Great plugins which help to add new functions and optimize your music website.
  •     You can add your own sources – There are some built-in sites, but you can even add other sites.
  •     Many security features that helps to protect your site from unwanted users.
  •     Monetization feature to sell relevant ring tones.
  •     Ability to add your Amazon ID, so you can sell downloads as well.
  •     Useful tools for site management.
  •     It is not only an MP3, but a video search engine script as well.

On top of that, this Mp3 search engine script enables the users the to put their own mp3 search engine on to their site by adding a piece of code. Of course, the results are shown on YOUR site so it it can be a good source of traffic, too. Check out the demos to test it.


Front Page of MP3 Search Engine Script

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4 Responses to Automatic Mp3 Search Engine script

  1. Bucee says:

    I have used it on my hosting and I didn’t have any problems with it.

  2. hammad says:

    Such a nice Script But i think that script will require alot of Cpu usage

  3. ??? says:

    great script

  4. Very insightful post. I am going to link to it in my new blog.