Expired Domains Script

Everyday thousands of people searching for expired and deleted domains  to purchase. This expired domains script was written for those who want to start their own expired domains search engine. Expired Domains Search Script runs daily and updates the database with the latest expiring domains. It uses cron jobs to be fully automated. With the help of it you can have an Expired and Deleted Domains website which updates itself daily. This software can be used for a standalone website or you can integrate it to your existing website.

How you can make money with this expired domains script?

The great advantage of it is that it uses the database of Godaddy which makes it extremely profitable. Why? Because you can earn from all the sold domains via your affiliate links. It lets you to add your affiliate links and whenever a visitor clicks on it and buys a domain you will get commissions. On top of that, you can add Adsense ads for your expired domains website.

Moreover, after checking Google I did not find any typical domain search engine like this, however there is a great demand on expired domains.

Here is a demo to check how it works


It supports the following domains: .com,.net,.org,.info,.biz,.us,.ca,.mobi. Moreover, as it was mentioned each domain link is an affiliate link to Godaddy which can be changed to yours so you can earn a revenue from each registration.

The script can also checks:

  • PageRankExpired Domain Script
  • Alexa Rank
  • Google Backlinks
  • Yahoo Backlinks
  • Google Indexed
  • Yahoo Indexed
  • Bing Indexed
  • Dmoz Listed

Personally, I like it since we can build a clean, optimized and last, but not least fast search engine that offers useful content for the visitors. Moreover, monetization is also incredibly easy via Godaddy affiliate program. Good news for WordPress lovers is that a WP version has just released, so now we can integrate this expired domains script. I think, this is a perfect solution for this type of project. However, the income greatly depends on how many visitors we have.

Those who have a website about internet marketing, SEO and  website building it is a great solution to offer a useful service for the visitors and members.

Last, but not least expired domains script comes with lifetime support, update and it can be easily installed on any hosting.


4 Responses to Expired Domains Script

  1. Palee says:

    This is one of the best script I have ever used. It works perfectly and if you can get visitors, you can earn a lot of money with it. I also recommend.

  2. Maenyus says:

    I haven’t thought about adding an expired domains search possibility to my site, but seems to be a good idea. I think, this script would be really good for this project.

  3. Bucee says:

    Yes, that is a great idea to integrate this expired domains script to a website for offering more services for visitors. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Pit says:

    One of the best scripts I’ve ever used. I was able to integrate it wordpress using iframe and now making around $20 in affiliate commissions daily. In addition, I get great feedback from my visitors,because domain search is free and very useful tool.
    Cachelogic support was also very helpful to set it up on my server as well.

  5. John says:

    Great Script. Easy to set up and fully automatic.