Automated Backlink Builder For WordPress

I have already talked about a WordPress backlink builder plugin that uses the power of RSS to build quality backlinks and with that generate more traffic. Now I want to show you another automatic backlink builder for WordPress which uses the power of the most powerful Web2 sites such as Blogger, Livejournal etc.

Web 2.0 sites are loved by the most prominent search engines, and these Web2 sites are trusted by them. And this is undoubtedly true for Blogger as Google indexes it fast.  Moreover, these services are free so using them for link building is crucial. Of course, you can do that manually, I mean, submitting posts on your own, but it is quite time consuming. That is where this automated link building plugin comes, it automatically syndicates your posts to 15 Web2 sites.

Wordpress Backlink Builder Plugin

How This WordPress Backlink Builder Plugin Works

his backlink generator plugin either takes the full content or a snippet of a new post (this depends on the network) and then automatically syndicates the content to 15 WEB 2.0 websites, this process means 15 quality, one way links for you, which is the best sort of link for a website in SEO terms.

If you check the used WEB 2.0 sites for pagerank, you can see that all of them have at least PR6, and on top of that these sites are authority ones.

Moreover, these backlinks may be clicked on by visitors to the newly created Web 2.0 page, and that means more visitors to the original website. That is why this link building plugin so powerful, your post start its “life” with 15 high quality links.

There is no question that you can outsource this task, but once you have this link building software you do not have to pay any more. So this is a remarkably good one time investment.

Installing this Link Building Tool

  • You create accounts with the Web 2.0 sites. This can be outsourced on Fiverr.
  • Then you can set it up to syndicate your old posts,  or if you would like automatic or manual syndication for future posts.

To sum up, this software is fantastic as you only need to add your own post content to your blog, and this WordPress backlink builder plugin will get you the best  one way back link via these popular Web 2.0 sites, totally automatically.

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    thank you very much for the atricle

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    Good job guys with the article, i give you 5 stars !

  3. sumre says:

    If you check the used WEB 2.0 sites for pagerank you can see that all of them have at least PR6 and on top of that these sites are authority ones