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WP Shopping Pages is an easy to use, but extremely powerful WordPress affiliate store builder plugin which allows to build stores using Amazon, Ebay, Linkshare, Commission Juncion products. Since these affiliate networks offer millions of products to promote, no matter what type of niche you work with, you will surely have products to offer.

This affiliate store builder can be used to make a standalone website, but it can be also used to add relevant products to existing posts. This way you can offer more valuable info and content for your visitors and at the same time you have the chance to generate online income.

The great advantage of this plugin is that it is totally automatic. It means after adding the keywords it finds the most relevant products, grabs the related info, reviews and prices and it adds them to your posts or generates posts. This way you do not have to spend your time with these tasks and concentrate on other things such as promotion.

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Using this WordPress Affiliate Store Plugin

For building a profitable webstore the first step is to find a niche that is not overused, I mean the competition is low, but it also offers enough visitors. Moreover, you should find the optimal keywords you will build your site around. Last, but not least you will need to check if the chosen niche is profitable enough to work with. For these tasks, I suggest you to use some sort of niche and keyword finder software.

You can read more about market research here.

After having the best niche, you can start to build an affiliate store which can be done easily by using this software. WP Shopping Pages adds keyword optimized content to your blog with a click, which can help you get a better ranking in search engines and offers useful content for the visitors. With the help of this affiliate plugin, you can monetize your blogs through many  networks.


  • Create large numbers of pages at once by using keyword lists.
  • No limit to the number of pages you can create on your blog.
  • Link Cloaking to hide your affiliate links.
  • eBay auctions are automatically updated regularly to make sure your visitors see live prices and auctions.
  • Total template customization – This WordPress affiliate store builder allows you to create different types of posts.
  • Optimized default templates to maximize your affiliate network earnings
  • Display many details of every Amazon product, including thumbnails, descriptions, features, price, ratings, buy now images and reviews.
  • Unlimited usage, free update and Support
  • Use any of your weblogs users as the author for your Shopping Pages.
  • Option to automatically update pages every week in order to always display the latest information and prices to your visitors.
  • It does automatically display the top selling products for your keywords to increase your conversions!
  • Get More Visitors -  This affiliate store builder WordPress plugin adds keyword optimized content to your weblog.

Advantages of Using this Plugin

Affiliate Store WordPress Plugin

There is no question that making money via eBay and Amazon is possible. The only crucial factor is you should find the best niche market that brings you enough targeted visitors. If you would like to make money with selling products for commissions, you should give a try for this WordPress affiliate store plugin.

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  1. Portert says:

    I’ve been building affiliate stores with this tool for a long time and it works perfectly for me. It is easy to us and in a short time I can set up a store with hundreds of products or I can set it up to make posts automatically. However, it is very important to pick the right niche. I recommend this affiliate store builder for everybody.