Top WordPress Job Board Themes Ever

Some days ago I gave a short review of a job board script and as I’m a WordPress fan, now I would like to show you 3 premium WordPress job board themes. Personally, I think WordPress as the system can be an extraordinarily effective solution to build a job portal as you can add many plugins that can expand the functions, design and others. Though, the WordPress job board themes I will show you come with all the options you and the members need, if you have any ideas to improve you site, you can surely find plugins for modifications.

These themes are the most used ones created by premium WP theme developers having a good reputation. They have similar functions and design, but there are some differences. Generally, they have powerful features and all the necessary functions you need for a well-running job portal. On top of that, they are extremely easy to use even if you are a starter WP user you can learn to use theme fast.

JobPress WP Job Board Theme

BestIn my point of view, this theme is the simplest one. Posting a job is remarkably straightforward and the information can be added by a step by step process. This job WordPress theme is used by many portals (you can check them out by visiting the official website). It is extremely easy to customize, and it comes out with secure payment system.

Wordpress Job Board Theme - JobPress

Templatic Job Board

The next theme was developed by Templatic designers. I  like their premium themes very much for their style and  high functionality. This job theme  is as professional as the others. The design of the template can be modified as you wish as in the admin panel you can find many options for that. Moreover, submitting the job is very easy and logical.

Some of its best features:

  • Manage Coupons – You can set up coupons if you want.
  • Built-in Modes -  Simply make your job portal paid or free.
  • Auto Expiring Job Posts
  • Fees structure – Administrator can specify more than one fees structure Non-complete payments – If the payment is successful, the job will be published automatically or, the job will stay as draft and the buyer will be sent an email notification.
  • Other options to tweak you job portal.

Job Theme for WordPress

AppThemes Job Theme

Last but not least, I want to show you JobRoller premium job board WordPress theme. If you compare to the other ones, you will see it offers the  most options for members and the admin. The developers of this WP job board theme built their theme with many extras, which help you to tweak your job portal. Beside the known and necessary functions, you can also find many useful options such as Multi-language support to translate it. If you try the admin panel (you can do it by visiting the official website), you will see these marvelous possibilities.

Best Features

  • Transaction Logging – You do not have to check payments in Paypal everything can be seen in the admin panel.
  • Multi-Language support – Translate simply and fast to any language you want.
  • Customer Job Management – Your customers get their own personalized dashboard where they can view and re-list their jobs if they want.
  • Facebook and Share-This integration.
  • Many Payment Getaways.
  • AJAX & jQuery Features and many others.
  • All in all this WordPress job board theme is a real good choice to start you job website.


Here is a demo


My FavouriteAnother perfect solution to build job board website is to use this theme which come with clean design and many extra features for monetization and optimization. After testing this theme what I like about is the professional admin dashboard which allows easy management and customization, and that is the same with the dashboard for the members (both employees and employers have). Plus what makes this job board theme even more better is that if you purchase you can use it on unlimited sites.

Great Theme to Build Job Board Website


  • Bidding System & Resumes
  • Email Alters
  • Employer & Employee Profiles
  • Multiple Resumes
  • Job Import Tools (indeed)
  • Membership Packages & Features
  • Website Designer Tool
  • Advanced Search Tools
  • Advertising Ready
  • Bidding System

To sum up, to build a job portal WordPress is a good system, because of its flexibility, no matter which WordPress job board theme you will use you can run it successfully and easily.

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  1. Seaman says:

    Beautiful themes, intereset to get it next time

  2. Bucee says:

    Sorry, I do not know any script like that.

  3. Dennis says:

    Any suggestions if I’m interested in starting a Job Board where Recruiters can pay to see profiles/resumes?

  4. Bucee says:

    You should do it as an ordinary WordPress theme. You have to upload it and activate.

  5. How to install this plugin??? I am not able to install it…